Sweepstakes & Team Morale

As we are all aware, England made history this week and won on penalties! Even more exciting if you’re reading this from your office desk and you’re part of a sweepstake with England as your team.

Places of work across the country regularly participate in sweepstakes throughout major sporting events. Of course, for the individual that wins, they are a great money maker but activities like this also have great benefits for businesses as a whole. Introducing novelty, fun or just something a bit different into your colleagues’ work day can increase team morale and motivation. As result, this can lead to more productivity, collaboration, employee retention and goal completion. Activities that induce these feelings do not have to be expensive and can be as simple as meeting over lunch, a change of scenery or a spontaneous team night out. For example, over summer 2018 The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells hosts Music and Jazz on the Pantiles - which is completely free. For more inspiration on how to increase your teams’ morale that also fits within your quarterly budget, visit our What's On Page or see our room options for meetings and events.