Coco Blush: Advice On How To Say Goodbye To Those Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

“I just want to look less tired!” If these words have ever left your lips or run through your mind as you look into the mirror, you are not alone. 

Our good friends at Temple Spa have provided us with their top tips for saying goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and dreaded dark circles! 

Looking Tired

There can be many things in our lives that not only make us feel tired but make us look tired as well; whether it’s sleepless nights long days, commuting,  the daily stresses of the environment, not drinking enough water or eating a balanced diet. Whatever’s causing it, it always shows in those same telltale areas….bags, lines and wrinkles around our eyes, dulling and lack lustre skin all over, crepey necks and sluggish complexion.

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffiness, Bags & Fine Lines Around Your Eyes

Dark circles and puffiness around your eyes can often be caused by a lack of sleep. So, a good first step is to ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep? Alongside sleep, hereditary pigmentation and UV damage are also factors that can cause dark circles under your eyes. Another factor is hayfever 

and diet which contribute in dilating the veins under your eyes making them darker and more noticeable. Those fine lines around your eyes can be caused by a combination of UV damage, environmental factors and the natural ageing process, so what can you do to take the best care of this delicate part of your face?

Best Products To Treat Fine Lines Around The Eye

Relax! Help is at hand! Temple Spa's award-winning WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream – is your secret weapon; the light gel texture instantly cools, lifts and reduces puffiness, whilst the luxurious creamy base restores hydration and nourishes the fine skin all around the eye, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving skin around eyes refreshed, cool, deeply hydrated and looking less tired!

The botanical ingredients that make this eye treatment a little treasure are eyebright, edelweiss and vitamin E, cucumber and lady thistle – all combine to depuff, hydrate, calm, soothe and refresh delicate skin. And if you do a lot of screen work during the day keep this to hand to keep your eyes as fresh as a daisy.  

How To Apply Eye Cream

Use your third finger when applying eye treatment products, you might know this as your ‘ring finger’ (watch the useful how to apply video below). This is actually your weakest finger, so it will be the least amount of pressure when applying your product which is really important when dealing with fragile skin.

It’s also important to gently dab the product around the eye area, starting at your brow, tap towards the outside and then back in towards the middle under the eye. By dabbing on first and tapping with your ring finger, you won’t be dragging the skin which is great as the skin around the eyes is thinner than on the face as so needs a little more TLC.

Turkey Neck

Saggy neck, turkey neck or tech neck as it is called, is caused by a combination of natural ageing processes, as the body’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid slows, and environmental factors like UV light and lifestyle (e.g. smoking) which can contribute to muscles sagging and skin losing its elasticity in the neck.

Best Products To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck & Saggy Jowls

Try their award-winning EXALT firming neck gel cream – It’s specially formulated using natural ingredients of wheat germ, oils of olive and vitamin A that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the result; tighter, lifted, smoothed and firmer looking and feeling skin on the neck. It’s deliciously light texture, glides on skin like cashmere targeting crepey skin, lines and wrinkles and dehydration, which is why it is one of our best-selling neck creams.

How To Apply Neck Cream

Temple Spa have a unique way of applying neck cream to ensure you get the most even application, so that the product gets to where it’s needed most.

Here’s how; apply a small amount of EXALT neck cream to the back of your hand and use the back of your other hand to rub together, then apply to your neck in ‘kitten’ like movements working upwards and in lifting motion (watch the how to apply video below). Not only does this work out your neck at the same time getting the product on, working against gravity – it also working its magic on the backs of your hands too, remember this is another area that can get neglected and will show signs of ageing quicker than other areas of your skin. Why not try our neck, jaw and face firming massager THE ELEVATOR too?

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