How to unwind for a weekend break

You want to make the most of your time in a Tunbridge Wells hotel, but what if your mind is in other places? The stresses and strains of life can make it tricky to truly relax and enjoy a weekend break.

Don’t worry – here are some top tips on how to unwind and make the most of your weekend in this glorious part of the country.


  1. Leave work in the office

    You can’t unwind if you’re thinking about work all the time, or checking your emails, or catching up on little work tasks.

    In the long run, your working life will benefit from you taking proper time out to refresh your mind and gain new perspectives.

    If you’re an ‘always on’ type of worker, try this: before leaving your workplace on the Friday of your weekend break, write a full to-do list.

    That way your brain won’t keep pestering you with reminders to do x, y and z when you get back to work: it’s on the list, you don’t need to worry about it.

  2. Research and plan...

    Sure, you might have a wonderful weekend in a Tunbridge Wells hotel if you just turn up – but you might also miss out on some great places and events.

    Researching Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding Kent countryside is easy – for example, check out the Visit Tunbridge Wells website.

    The historic Pantiles and Chalybeate Spring are a must for any visitor, but what else will you do?

    How about exploring quintessential Kent life in Cranbrook and the Wealden Villages, or take on a fitness challenge with some water sports at Bewl Water.People playing on the Bewl Water Aquapark on a sunny day

  3. …But leave room for spontaneity

    It’s a good idea to make an itinerary of Tunbridge Wells sights you plan to see during your weekend away, but don’t fill every minute of every day.

    You might like a place so much you want to linger, or spot a shop or place that takes your fancy.

    It’s all about setting the pace: seeing lots of interesting things without it feeling like a slog to fit everything in.

    And if you don’t see all Tunbridge Wells has to offer this time, you can always come back another day.

  4. Do something new

    Going away for the weekend is all about the new experiences. Scientists have found that holidays boost neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to make new connections.

    Why not challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone while you’re in Tunbridge Wells?

    You could try canoeing or windsurfing at Bewl Water, the largest lake in the area set in 800 acres of rolling countryside, or have some deep conversations on the Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk or Weald Way.Three people walking their dog in a long grass field surrounded by trees

  5. Ditch the screens

    Years from now, will you gather your grandchildren around and tell them: ‘I’ll always remember that time I reached level 40 of Candy Crush in Tunbridge Wells’? Smartphones guzzle our attention, which could be better spent taking in the world around us and appreciating our companions.

    Constantly checking social media might feel important at the time, but your weekend away will be much better for logging off. If you can’t go cold turkey, decide on set times when you can tweet, insta and post in between your adventures.

  6. Enjoy some luxury

    Modern life is busy. Sometimes you just want somewhere lovely to curl up and rest. Choosing accommodation with big, comfy beds, lovely furnishings and great service is a crucial ingredient for a memorable weekend away.

    If you’re looking for a Tunbridge Wells hotel, why not check out One Warwick Park, a contemporary, elegant former brewery and schoolhouse located in the centre of town.

    One Warwick Park bedrooms all have king or super king beds, plus neutral tones and individual styling so you’ll have a great night’s rest in the middle of the town.A contemporary bedroom at One Warwick Park

  7. Relish fresh air and exercise

    Whether it’s sauntering around the Pantiles, walking around a local country house estate or doing some kind of intrepid outdoor activity, fresh air and exercise will make your stay in Tunbridge Wells even more enjoyable.

    Exercise gets the blood pumping, boosts endorphins and helps improve your sleep. Plus, you’ll take in more of the sights and sounds of the local area than if you stay indoors or in a car.

  8. Get tips from a local

    There’s nothing like a bit of local knowledge to make your weekend truly memorable. From choosing the cosiest pubs or the best restaurants to the most rewarding and exciting activities, locals know what’s a must-do and what is best to avoid.

    Choosing a Tunbridge Wells hotel with helpful, knowledgeable staff means you can ask for all the local lowdown.

    Not to mention, there will almost certainly be an event or two happening in Tunbridge Wells during your weekend stay. Whether it’s a theatre performance, a festival or a big celebration, you’ll see the town in a new light and rub shoulders with locals.A view of the Pantiles with Georgian styled buildings

  9. Sample the best of local cuisine

    Tunbridge Wells has an astounding 250 places to eat, with something for all tastes. Whether you’re a curry queen or live for cream teas, you’ll find a place to tickle your tastebuds. Serious foodies will love the artisanal delights of the town’s small bakeries, delicatessens and cafes.

    Of course, a trip to Tunbridge Wells is not complete without a glass of the local spa water. Served by an assistant called a ‘dipper’, the water’s supposed healing properties made the town fashionable in the 18th century.

    Rich in natural iron and minerals, the water is not exactly delicious but in supping, you’ll be following a time-honoured tradition.

  10. Banish the Sunday scaries

    It matters how your weekend ends, too. Coming home to an empty fridge, a full laundry basket and a load of chores is not the nicest way to round off the weekend.

    You can ease yourself back into normal life by planning ahead: prepare your Monday morning work outfit before you leave for the weekend, stock the fridge with an easy but delicious Sunday night dinner and get ahead with your household jobs. It will be worth it!


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